Dan Gryder

Dan offers training, ferry and test flights in just about any Single, Twin, Tailwheel, Radial, Turboprop or Citation 500 series. Get your DC-3 SIC or PIC type rating while you still can! 10 day IFR ratings at your home base. Interactive pilot participation speaking opportunities (free of charge) for any flying club or group to talk about fatal accident prevention.

FAA Gold Seal CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, ATP   DC-3  DC-3TP. DC-9  CE-500  MU-300 BE-400  B-757  B-767  B-777

Let’s fly!


Brenda Clemens

Brenda Clemens is a private pilot that manages the annual ACCA data as well as the annual GA fatal accident data and summary, this website, and Probable Cause: Dan Gryder YouTube channel.



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